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How The Military Trains Fighter Pilots, Manless Aircraft Controllers, And Tank Drivers

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Before there were video games for fun, the military used video simulators to train military personnel. That is correct; educational learning games developed and used by the military were, and still are, used to train personnel. Educational learning games services have military contracts to develop "games" that help them train, and these companies can develop any sort of simulation/game software to train your employees as well. Here are just some examples of how the military uses these types of "first-person shooter" simulation games to train new recruits.

Fighter Pilot Simulators

In this training scenario, the military utilizes fighter planes that are mounted to movement arms. As the pilot banks right or left, or straightens the plane out, the arm and craft respond. Additionally, any time the pilot climbs upward into the air or dives down, the craft's movement responds. The simulation screen in front of the pilot trainee shows him or her exactly what is happening. The panel with all of the gauges in front of the pilot-in-training tell him/her exactly what is going on in the plane. By the time the pilot is ready for a real flight, he or she has already logged hundreds of training hours and run dozens of wartime flight scenarios, including shooting down enemy planes and bombing targets on the ground.

Man-less Aircraft Controllers (Drone Controllers)

You thought drones were just those helicopter toys everyone wants. No, they are actually military aircraft. They are devoid of every recognizable plane feature, including pilots and seats. They more closely resemble tin wasps flying backward to their goal.

The military uses more simulation games to teach drone controllers how to fly these pilot-less aircraft. The aircraft have to drop bombs with almost 100% accuracy, or the mission is considered a bust. The controllers-in-training have to "play" the simulation for hours until they get a really good idea about how and when bombs should be dropped in order to make it to the ground on time and in the right place. They learn about gravity, airspeed, displacement of the bombs in the air by airspeed, etc., all while learning how to fly these man-less aircraft.

Combat Games with Tanks

If you are under 40 and over 12, there is a pretty good chance that you have played some kind of combat video game at home. It is no different for the personnel that the military trains to drive tanks and Hummers. The soldiers are learning battle tactics, techniques, and maneuvers during the ground war simulation games.