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3 Things Your Little One Needs To Be Prepared For Preschool

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The point of sending your little one to preschool is to ensure that he or she is prepared for kindergarten. There's more that goes into preparing for kindergarten than learning the basics—letters, shapes, and numbers—your little one will also have to learn how to participate in a classroom setting with kids his or her own age. Here, you'll learn a few tips that can help you determine if your little one is ready for preschool.

Potty Training

There are several preschool centers that require your child to be potty trained before he or she can attend their school. Can your child make it through the day without any bathroom accidents? If not, it's time to get to work getting your little one to the point in which he or she can get through the day.

Try setting a timer for every fifteen minutes during the day. When the timer goes off, ask your child to try going to the bathroom. When success is had, celebrate like there's no greater accomplishment. Once you can get through the fifteen minute time-frame successfully, bump the time up to thirty minutes, than forty-five, and so on. Continue until you've successfully eliminated diapers from your shopping list.

Follows Instructions

No matter what preschool your little one attends, he or she will be required to follow instructions. This isn't always easy for the little ones. Sit down with your little one a few times a day and play pretend school. Instruct your little one to sit and listen to a story, sing a song, or draw a picture. When he or she can sit in the chair and just do as instructed, it's time to consider preschool.

Wait to Be Called On

One of the more difficult aspects of putting a group of preschool-aged kids in a room is the fact that they all get excited and want to speak out at once. Try working with your little one to teach him or her to put their hand up and wait to be called on before they can talk. If your little one has siblings, now's the time to get them busy helping you work with the young one.

Sit everyone down at a table. Put on a song that all of the kids know. Have the kids raise their hands when they know the name of the song, who sings it, what movie it's from, etc., and call on them. When you call on one of your kids, they can answer. Repeat this activity until your little one grasps the concept of waiting until he or she is called on.

Contact a preschool like Advantage Learning Center to learn about the other requirements. It may be time, or it could take another school year to get your little one ready to start a new chapter in life.