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The Actor's Path: Tips For Living Your Acting Dreams

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A lot of people have had dreams of moving to La La Land, posing for pictures on the red carpet and thanking the people that helped along the way when accepting an academy award. The reality of the situation is that the road to becoming a working actor and sustaining a career is a long way. It's a competitive field, but one that you can thrive in when you take the proper approach. Make use of the help in this article so that you're ready for the journey. 

Figure out your desired career trajectory as an actor

The first thing you should do if acting is your calling is figuring out what kind of actor you want to be. If you feel that you have a "look" and want to sell products, perhaps commercial acting is it for you. If summer blockbusters are your thing, you will want to pack up and move to Los Angeles to break into movies. Television is all the rage these days, so there are plenty of opportunities on the small screen. Theater actors take a different approach and mostly live in New York or Chicago. Above all, you need to begin getting several acting lessons from skilled instructors. Acting coaches tend to have different techniques that they specialize in, to include the Stanislavski approach, Meissner, and Strasberg. Learn a little bit of everything and hold yourself accountable for becoming a student of the game.

Learn how to market yourself in today's world

Becoming an actor today is different than ever before because of the changes in media. While getting a great headshot is important, you also need to learn about the opportunities in front of you thanks to the internet. You can do more for yourself now building a social media brand than any actor that came before you. Invest in camera equipment and start putting your reel together. Link up with other actors and filmmakers so that you can get as much tangible experience as possible.

Keep your acting chops sharp and find new and different opportunities

Acting is a grind, so always make learning more and doing more the foundation of your career. This learning never stops, regardless of what career opportunities cross your path. Even once you get your SAG card, take time to still go to classes and audition whenever possible. This is where the real work is, regardless of what opportunities and accolades come your way.

These steps will be your foundation as you keep moving forward to live your acting dreams. Looking into an acting program to get started.