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How To Plan Appropriate Learning Activities For Preschoolers

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Are you part of a group of parents who will have a semi-formal playgroup at each of your homes? If the intent is to include learning activities as part of the play time, here are some ideas that might help you to plan some appropriate actives that the kids will enjoy while they are learning. Set The Stage - By setting up a room especially for the children’s learning activities, you’ll be ahead of the game. Read More»

7 Ways To Be Successful After Enrolling In An Adult Education Program

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As an adult with many responsibilities, going back to school can be challenging. However, you can be successful by making the right moves. To help ensure your success, here are a few tips to remember. Set up a study space. While attending adult education classes, you need to be able to study in a quiet place. Setting up a dedicated area that is free from distraction can help you stay organized. Read More»

How Do You Learn ASL Quickly?

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American Sign Language (ASL) is a skill that can be immensely helpful if you have a friend or loved one with hearing impairments, or if you want to look for work that involves interacting with the hearing impaired. Learning ASL will be very similar to learning any other world language, in that you can take similar steps to improve your skills quickly and efficiently.  Have Your Motivations in Mind Before starting to learn a new language, it’s a good thing to write down all of the reasons why you wanted to learn the language in the first place. Read More»

How To Purge Toys At Home To Fit With Montessori Practices

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The Montessori principle is to allow your child to follow their own path. Your child learns at their own pace, and you follow their lead, rather than you dictate the way that they learn. If you have decided to skip out on traditional schooling and are moving to Montessori instead, you may want to change your child’s toys at home and go with the same practices at your own house. You can purge your child’s toys, but it will take some time. Read More»

Some Questions To Ask Before Signing Your Child Up For A Summer Camp

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There are many options for summer camps out there. Many parents love summer camp because it gives them a much needed break during the summer and can provide wholesome entertainment for the children. When trying to choose what camp to send your child to it is important to consider a couple things. Here are some things you ask yourself before choosing a summer camp. Is It Educational? If you are going to spend that much time and money on a summer camp, it is nice to know that the child is learning something valuable. Read More»

Myths About What Disqualifies You From Learning To Be A Commercial Pilot

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If your dream is to be a pilot, but you have some situation that makes it so people are constantly telling you that you can’t, you might be surprised by how much flexibility there really is in programs. Here are some common ways people believe that they are disqualified from becoming a pilot that aren’t actually true. Lack of 2020 Vision The only thing required to be a pilot is having functional 2020 vision. Read More»