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Some Questions To Ask Before Signing Your Child Up For A Summer Camp

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There are many options for summer camps out there. Many parents love summer camp because it gives them a much needed break during the summer and can provide wholesome entertainment for the children. When trying to choose what camp to send your child to it is important to consider a couple things. Here are some things you ask yourself before choosing a summer camp. Is It Educational? If you are going to spend that much time and money on a summer camp, it is nice to know that the child is learning something valuable. Read More»

Myths About What Disqualifies You From Learning To Be A Commercial Pilot

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If your dream is to be a pilot, but you have some situation that makes it so people are constantly telling you that you can’t, you might be surprised by how much flexibility there really is in programs. Here are some common ways people believe that they are disqualified from becoming a pilot that aren’t actually true. Lack of 2020 Vision The only thing required to be a pilot is having functional 2020 vision. Read More»