Thriving in College

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The Actor's Path: Tips For Living Your Acting Dreams

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A lot of people have had dreams of moving to La La Land, posing for pictures on the red carpet and thanking the people that helped along the way when accepting an academy award. The reality of the situation is that the road to becoming a working actor and sustaining a career is a long way. It’s a competitive field, but one that you can thrive in when you take the proper approach. Read More»

Learning To Drive Or Refreshing Your Skills

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Driving is a great privilege that many people enjoy, but not everyone has had the opportunity to learn the skills needed to operate a car or truck. Most of the time, young people learn in high school or at a private driving school but what about adults who never learned how? There are driving schools that are designed to help adult drivers learn or refresh your skills if you have been without a license for a long time. Read More»

3 Things Your Little One Needs To Be Prepared For Preschool

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The point of sending your little one to preschool is to ensure that he or she is prepared for kindergarten. There’s more that goes into preparing for kindergarten than learning the basics—letters, shapes, and numbers—your little one will also have to learn how to participate in a classroom setting with kids his or her own age. Here, you’ll learn a few tips that can help you determine if your little one is ready for preschool. Read More»

How The Military Trains Fighter Pilots, Manless Aircraft Controllers, And Tank Drivers

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Before there were video games for fun, the military used video simulators to train military personnel. That is correct; educational learning games developed and used by the military were, and still are, used to train personnel. Educational learning games services have military contracts to develop “games” that help them train, and these companies can develop any sort of simulation/game software to train your employees as well. Here are just some examples of how the military uses these types of “ Read More»